Birds cause unsafe situations at airports and offshore installations. In addition, birds spread a number of diseases. With the bird repelling products from Ketrop Bird Control Worldwide you choose an effective, sustainable approach.

We offer a wide range of durable, high-quality bird repellent products. These are ideal for use at airports to minimize the risk of bird strikes. Our products also prove their strength on offshore installations.

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Effectively repelling birds is necessary in many sectors. Without measures, birds cause unsafe situations at airports. Repelling birds is also necessary for offshore installations. Birds and bird droppings reduce safety and should therefore be avoided.

Ketrop Bird Control Worldwide is specialized in various laser and sound systems with which birds are repelled in a friendly and effective way. In addition, we have numerous (visual) items and gas bangers in our range. We operate worldwide and combine an extensive package of carefully selected products with professional advice. With our bird repelling systems, we are committed to improving health and safety at airports and offshore installations.


A bird strike is every pilot’s nightmare. Unfortunately there are plenty of examples of planes getting into trouble because of birds flying into an engine. This leads to unsafe situations for crew and passengers. In addition, the damage to an aircraft can be extensive. For that reason, it is a top priority to minimize the risk of bird strike. The bird repelling systems from Ketrop Bird Control Worldwide offer durable and effective solutions. It goes without saying that we like to think along with you.


Offshore installations are ideal resting places for birds. However, their presence is a global problem, because bird droppings can reduce the safety of (helicopter) platforms. The visibility of markings and navigation lights can be seriously obstructed by birds. Safe working conditions are crucial and this includes safe landings on an offshore platform. The bird repelling systems from Ketrop Bird Control Worldwide offer durable and effective solutions. It goes without saying that we like to think along with you.


Collisions between birds and aircrafts happen unfortunately every day. To ensure a continuous safety for passengers and staff, airports are forced to invest in extensive security measures. Ketrop, a Dutch company with a broad experience in the field of bird control in aviation and agriculture, is willing to provide a wide range of effective and animal-friendly solutions.


Birds are attracted by the undeveloped airport surroundings. A habitat modification will attribute to the limitation of birds and wild. A very adequate method is to disrupt the food chain: removing seed-bearing plants, reducing number of insects, mowing the grass and removing brush and trees to avoid nesting and creation of bird shelters. Consequently, a reduced bird population will lead to a decrease of their predators.


Without preventive measures a habitat modification will not be sufficient for a safe air traffic. To keep away the birds one needs to address the bird’s behaviour. As it is impossible to have a permanent presence of human beings and dogs at the surroundings of the airport, a very effective method is the use of incentives that scare birds away: intense light beams and unpleasant sounds at unexpected moments.


Birds get used to repetitive habits and actions. Ketrop can give you the best advice about the ideal combinations of bird control products and how to vary it.

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