Collisions between birds and planes take place almost daily. This creates extremely dangerous situations for both the passengers and the crew. Preventing these unsafe situations and ensuring safety is top priority at almost every airport. Our company has many years of experience in bird control and bird repelling in the aviation industry and agriculture. With an extensive range of effective and animal-friendly solutions, we minimize the chance of unwanted “bird strikes”.

Attention to habitat

Many aviation authorities know that birds are attracted to the pristine, uncultivated tracts of land surrounding the airport grounds. It is the perfect location for birds to find food and water and to nest in trees or brushwood. Adapting this natural living environment makes an important contribution to reducing bird nuisance. A very suitable method for this is disrupting the food chain. This includes removing all seed-bearing plants, reducing the number of insects, mowing the grass regularly and removing shrubs and trees to prevent nesting of birds. In addition, the reduced bird population will also lead to a decrease in their natural enemies.


Experience shows that adapting the natural living environment is not sufficient to achieve safe aviation. Prevention measures are and will remain absolutely necessary. To keep birds away permanently, it is necessary to deal with the behaviour of the birds. It is impossible to set up permanent surveillance by humans and dogs for this. What does work is the use of effective methods whereby certain stimuli scare away birds. Think of bright light beams and unpleasant noises at completely unexpected moments.


As birds quickly get used to actions and uses, we are happy to give advice on how you can combine different bird repelling systems and how you can alternate their use in a smart way.

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