About us

Ketrop is the European market leader in the field of professional bird control and repellents. The high-quality products are aimed at deterring birds and other unwanted wild animals in an animal-friendly way. The specialists in our team have more than 20 years of practical experience. They know everything about repelling birds and other wild animals. Worldwide, we deliver on our promise every day: we keep birds at a safe distance.

Always animal-friendly and of high quality

We transfer the knowledge and expertise that our specialists have built up into our products. These are designed and developed in-house. All Ketrop products meet the highest requirements. We use this to help companies, institutions and private individuals worldwide to combat bird nuisance and nuisance from other pests in an animal-friendly way.
Ketrop’s product developers have divided the ways in which birds can be repelled into a number of product categories. Our solutions range from simple scarecrows to advanced solutions with a laser and/or sound:

  • Wind driven repellents
  • Repel birds with lifelike imitations
  • Scare birds with light
  • Scare birds with sound
  • Repel birds with a laser beam

An eye for innovation

Innovation is one of the core values Ketrop stands for. Our experts are committed to further improving, optimizing and developing our products on a daily basis. That way we remain number 1 in Europe. We also listen carefully to the experiences of our customers and regularly test our products ourselves. A successful example of this are the various LaserOp automatic devices, which effectively repel various bird species using an adjustable laser beam. In particular, the way in which these LaserOp devices can be set – without connecting an external computer – makes the product innovative and groundbreaking.

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