The presence of birds sometimes presents man with considerable challenges. On offshore platforms, (helicopter) platforms and wind turbines, it is not their presence being a problem, but what they leave behind: bird droppings. Bird excrements create an unsafe environment for the present people and helicopters. In addition, they are full of bacteria, which means they can transmit diseases. This poses a real health risk. Another safety risk associated with the presence of birds is that they drop crustaceans and shellfish from the sky, for example to break the shells. It goes without saying that their presence on helidecks and offshore installations leads to an unsafe working environment. Moreover, there is also the risk that these residues are sucked into the rotors of the helicopter. This can destroy engines and can even cause accidents.


Birds quickly get used to local conditions. Offshore installations are attractive resting places for them and ideal for nesting. They quickly take the presence of people and machines for granted. They do not let themselves be chased away by it. More is needed for that! The most important step in keeping birds away is to prevent them from perching. Various solutions are available for this.

The chasing away

There are also effective methods for repelling birds. Think of bright light beams and unpleasant noises at completely unexpected moments. For example, it has been shown that laser systems change the behaviour of some bird species and are effective in spreading bird colonies. Unexpected and unfamiliar noise will also encourage birds to take off. A bird deterrent system that works with 10-15 different sounds can work all year round. The disadvantage may be that employees on the platform become less happy from these unexpected loud noises.


We are happy to help you find the most effective bird repelling systems. We also look at ways to combine these and to alternate their use in a smart way.

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